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5 Cs of Driving Market Share


Delivered by Dr. Eric Reidenbach

Founder of 6 Sigma Marketing Institute

Learn the process of transitioning to using Value as a basis for Driving Marketing Share

Every customer is looking for value, and practically every company claims to offer it. Yours is likely no exception. But do you really know what value means to your customers? If you suspected they were less than thrilled with your products and services, how would you go about discovering why? And if you discovered that you were missing a piece or two of the value equation, what would you do to address the problem? These are questions that every business leader should consider, especially in today’s economy. When you make an effort to figure out what value looks like to your customer—and take steps to provide it—the results can be extraordinary.

Six Sigma Marketing is a fact-based, disciplined approach for growing market share in targeted product/markets by providing superior value. The Six Sigma Marketing Institute is dedicated to the advancement and deployment of Six Sigma Marketing. At the heart of SSM is a modified DMAIC process that provides the architecture for growing top line revenues and market share.

Learn the important differences between Voice of Customer and Voice Of Market

The Voice of the Customer, in most of these situations, involves looking just at their own customer base. The information you got from just looking at your own customers was very limited in terms of what you could do with it. So the “Voice of the Market” was an effort on my part, and perhaps other people’s parts also to enlarge the area of listening to include competitors’ customers as well. Once we began to collect the information, not only on a company’s customer base but also on his competitors’ customers, we were able to do a whole lot more with it because the whole idea of growing market share depends on the competitive dynamics, the performance gaps if you will, between a competitor and a company.

Who is behind the Story?

Eric ReidenbachDr. Eric Reidenbach is the Director of the Six Sigma Marketing Institute, the leading organization and authority of Six Sigma Marketing. Dr. Reidenbach has developed a number of unique approaches for measuring and managing value, the best leading indicator of market share growth. His consulting services are absolutely unique. They are filled with proprietary measurement and management techniques designed to help you grow market share and top line revenues.

Sign up for a 21 day Assessment on determining your Customer Value Score:

Over a 21 day period, you will receive five survey’s based on one of the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share: Customer Identification, Customer Value, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Customer Monitoring. These 5 surveys will expose your weaknesses and strengths in each of the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share. Before receiving, the next survey, you will receive evaluation sheets, that will allow you to evaluate your scores and some actionable steps to improve this area. Why 21 days? We want you to enlist as many people and even customers (if you are brave enough) to assist you in completing the task. Our FAQ page will harbor an ongoing comment page for each of the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share.

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5 Cs of Driving Market Share can help..

- a Chief Marketing Officer

Create more compelling customer/prospect experiences

Substantiate your ROI on data

Manage Sales Channels with Six Sigma type Accuracy

Become Efficient and Effective

5 Cs of Driving Market Share can help..

- a Six Sigma Black Belt

Create projects that Grow Revenue

Provide Platforms that utilize the Six Sigma Toolset

Bridge the gap between Marketing and Six Sigma

Extend the uses of Six Sigma in the organization

5 Cs of Driving Market Share can help..

- a CMO and a SSBB together

Grow market share and top line revenues.

Achieve Best in Market Performance with minimal use of scarce financial resources, regardless of your industry segment.

Transform Data into Market Share

Make your Marketing Accountable

Change the way you view your Customers, your Markets and your Competition.

Start by utilizing the

5 Cs of Driving Market Share

Customer Value Score

Six Sigma Marketing Institute gives you the road map to determine your Customer Value Score …this information will allow you to determine whether your organization is basing their marketing on customer value. And remember, Customer Value is the best Leading Indicator of Growing Market Share.

Listen to Eric’s Description of the 5 Cs of Drivng Market Share – Audio Intro

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